Since 2006, my primary artistic work has been as assistant and apprentice to Kaili Chun. Initially, my contributions were rather humble, learning how to wet grind stone faces glassy smooth for nau ka wae, rudimentary welding work assembling cells for Veritas, and so on. Over time as Kaili and I have learned to work more closely hand in hand, my responsibilities and contributions have grown to encompass nearly all areas of the making process, from concept refinement, prototyping, production design, and installation.


Kaili Chun and Hongtao Zhou, 2017

The 2017 Artists of Hawai’i exhibit at the Honolulu Museum of Art afforded a unique opportunity to collaborate and assist Kaili Chun and Hongtao Zhou. In tandem the two of them came to the material concept making use of fishing nets, but the final concept and naming came via brainstorming sessions between the three of us. Due to the limited time and demands of museum installation, exact planning of the sculpture wasn’t possible.

Hulali i ka lā

Kaili Chun and Nicholas Bright, 2017

Each copper ‘hinana’ incorporated into the whole was made and individualized by employees, friends, and family of the Prince Waikiki.

My responsibilities included: assistance with prototype design and manufacture, model building, event planning and organization for hinana shaping sessions (including production of various instructional materials), design layout of final hinana placement, data management linking hinana location and makers, installation hardware design and production, and installation.


Kaili Chun, 2018

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